Land and Sky Farm

Land and Sky Farm (Or Hotel Ziggu) Booking Confirmation / Order Number

A reusable water bottle

Wellies or sturdy boots

A warm jumper (it can get cold at night)

Sun tan lotion



Enough change of clothes in case you get wet

Medical info (if you have any allergies or medical conditions)

Medication if required


ID for Glastonbury: The Glastonbury Festival website states the following: – Original ID documents (not photocopies) are needed for: Hospitality tickets, Challenge 21, Lead Booker for coach packages, Sunday tickets – Photocopy of ID is okay if a child is under 12 but looks older – Standard public ticket – no ID required as photo on ticket



Bags for dirty clothes

Mark valuables with house name and postcode so it can be posted back to you

Too much stuff so you can’t take it home again- Luckily we provide your accommodation so that’s one less thing to carry!

Please don’t bring gazebos – they take up valuable tent space in the campsites plus an awful lot of them get left behind.

Only food and alcohol for personal consumption can be brought onsite

Excess packaging – if you purchase something new for the Festival, please remove all the excess packing at home, before you arrive

Please don’t bring anything in a glass bottle, it will be confiscated if found

You may be searched at the entrance for any items that may be used in an illegal or offensive manner – which will be confiscated. Persons suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities onsite may also be searched and face eviction. No portable laser equipment or pens are permitted

NO animals (except registered guide dogs), sound systems, generators, sky lanterns or kites, unauthorised fireworks, or wax flares. We also have a no BBQ rule on the Hotel Ziggu site.

Persons using fireworks will be evicted from site and materials confiscated. No unauthorised tape recorders, professional film or video equipment are allowed onsite. Cameras for personal use are welcome

Sound systems

Flying or filming with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, or so-called drones) is not allowed on site before, during or after the Festival – and is prohibited by law. We have a working site and the safety of our guests and staff is paramount

No Drugs, dangerous substances or Nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

Arrival information can be found on the confirmation email.

Our Check-in area will be located at the entrance to our field and from there our on-site staff will show you to your accommodation.

Please ensure:

1. You bring your booking reference with you.

2. You arrive within the check-in opening times stated on the arrivals instructions page

All our accommodations are pre-allocated to each individual booking prior to your arrival and will be reserved for you no matter what day you arrive at the festival.

For Glastonbury Festival 2023 Land and Sky Farm will be open to guests from Thursday 22nd June at Midday until our latest checkout time of Midday on Monday 26th June.

No not far at all, we will even transport your luggage to your room.

Land and Sky Farm check-in is NOT open 24 hours. Usual check-in times are 8am – 12 midnight. However late arrivals will be guided to their accommodation by our security but would be required to check-in more formally in the morning.

Sorry, but we do not allow pets within the campsite (except registered guide dogs - with prior arrangement).

Bookings and Festival

Yes you can move in and out of Glastonbury Festival easily.

Sorry, but for security reasons and so that we can control the use of the services provided within our field, only people who book accommodation will be allowed into Land and Sky Farm. Wristbands will be issued to identify Land and Sky Farm guests.

You can make a booking from anywhere in the world. Please enter your home address as we may need to verify it with you if making any amendments to your booking.

You can pay by debit or credit card or by bank transfer at the time of making your booking.

Please check you are using one of the cards that we accept. The logos can be seen at the bottom of our homepage. If problems continue please contact us.

We accept 50% deposit but the remaining balances are due before 1st April 2023.

We do not post out any tickets for you to check-in to your tent. We will email you a booking confirmation with your booking reference number that you will need with you to check-in to your accommodation. Please check your spam/bulk/junk/quarantine email folders for your confirmation email.

Parking is inclusive with every booking.

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